About us

The Wiltshire Swindon & Oxfordshire Canal Partnership (renamed in 2012 from the Wilts and Berks Canal Partnership) was formed in 2001 to oversee and direct the restoration of the waterway.

Our vision: To substantially restore a navigable waterway for the benefit of local communities and to support a rich diversity of wildlife.

Once restored the Wilts & Berks Canal will provide:

Accessible routes on the tow path for everyone in the community

A long-distance footpath and cycleway

A corridor of water and vegetation to support a rich mix of wildlife

Links for education to bring alive National Curriculum topics like history and design technology, science

A route for narrow boats, canoes etc.

A means of water transfer to alleviate flooding

The route of mainline of the canal starts at the junction with the Kennet and Avon Canal at Semington near Melksham and goes through Swindon to Abingdon on the River Thames.

The North Wilts branch of the canal starts in Swindon and links to Cricklade