The Melksham Link

The Melksham Link provides a new route for the Wilts & Berks Canal in Melksham using part of the River Avon in the town centre.


Artist's Impression of narrowboat  moored on the River Avon below Town Bridge

The project  team have been consulting the local community  and working  on designs for the scheme since the Partnership endorsed the project as its top priority in 2009.


 Information  January 2019

A further report has been produced and has been  submitted  to Wiltshire Council  to answer further  questions raised by the Environment Agency. The report is available here

Information as at March 2018

The project team has assessed the latest comments from the Environment Agency on the Environment Statement. Consultants Black & Veatch have been instructed to carry out further work to address these issues.

This work is now completed and  the Addendum Report for the Environment Statement is  downloadable here


Project information from2016

A full economic assesment  report  has been produced showing  the benefits for the local area. You can download this report by clicking here

The scheme has been submitted to Wiltshire Council as a planning application reference number  is W/12/01080/FUL Following an initial assessement further ecological surveys have been carried out to produce an Environment Statement which has been submitted to Wilsthire Council together with revised drawings . You can download the Environment Statement by clicking here

You can comment on the application on the Wiltshire Council planning web site by clicking  here 


The original plans and documents are also downloadable from this page:

Please note that  the following drawings and plans  are  © Wilts & Berks Canal Trust 2012 and by downloading the documents you are acknowledging this copyright :

Design and Access Statement

EIA Scoping Report

Engineering Design

Environmental Statement

Flood Risk Assessment Main Report 

FRA Appendix 1

FRA Appendix 2 

FRA Appendix 3 

FRA Supplemental Report

Road Bridge Drawing 1

Road Bridge Drawing 2

Road Bridge Drawing 3

Road Bridge Drawing 4

Towpath (K&A) Bridge Drawing 1

Towpath (K&A) Bridge Drawing 2

Site Plan

Statement of Community Involvement

Location Plan of Structures

Pedestrian Lift Bridge

Swing Bridge

Tree Survey

Layout Plan 1

Layout Plan 2

Layout Plan 3

Layout Plan 3a Berryfield

Layout Plan 4

Layout Plan 5

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Wide Lock

The following reports  are sourced from publicly available 3rd party reports:

Kennet & Avon Canal Economic Benefits 2010

Extended Phase 1 Survey River Area

Species Survey River Area